flicktotwitt.com – Post Photos to Flickr and Tweet it on Twitter

Flick.to.twittFlick.to.twitt is a web service that lets you post a photo to your Flickr account and automatically announce it on your Twitter account. There is no need to register or download anything, simply use your Twitter and Flickr user ids and the rest is as easy as uploading photos on Flickr and posting at Twitter and it’s not store any of your private information.

The main reason this tools was developed was because tools like Twitpic, MobyPicture, Visual Twitter, Greetter, FileSocial, ScreenTweet, Twi5, Twi.tt, TweetPhoto, Pikchur, yfrog, piktor and so many others are great but if the user already has a Flickr account, their photos are now spreaded in several services. This enables you to use Flickr as a photo sharing option for Twitter and keep your pictures all on the same place.

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