Zefty – Online Money Management Service for Children

Zefty is completely free web tool that easily track and manage your child’s allowance and spending online. Kids can easily learn about money management. Parents can spend more time with their kids. The great thing about Zefty is, although it functions like a bank account, there’s no real money involved. Parents set up each child and specify how much allowance they get and how often. It’s their money, you as a parent are simply holding it for them — so the mom and dad are the bank

[advt]Whether you pay your child an allowance daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly — Zefty can automatic deposit virtual funds into their accounts. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pay their allowance, and they will understand the real-world concept of direct deposit.

Kids can print out a ZeftyCheck to better learn how checks work. They print out the check, bring it to their parent, who then hands them the money, and their parent can then reconcile the check (and make the appropriate withdrawal) all from within Zefty.


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