Yogile – Collective Photo Sharing Platform

YogileYogile is an online service that provides ‘easy photo sharing’. It works on the premise that if multiple people have photos belonging to one album, then they should be able to contribute to it themselves instead of one person doing all the effort.

The service is pretty easy to use. You can simply submit your photographs as an email attachment or upload them online.

Yogile disables public sharing by default, thereby allowing you to share your albums with your near and dear ones through a customizable URL (or email address).

With Yogile, you can enable public sharing for some specific set of albums; making them available for commercial usage. It provides a good platform for the photographers to share their works of arts with the world of concern.

Yogile provides 100MB free space on a monthly basis (which renews at the beginning of every month). With Yogile, you can extent/upgrade the default limit of 100MB at the cost of $24.95 on yearly basis.

Key Features

  • Friends and family can contribute with ease[advt]
  • Submit photos as e-mail attachments or upload them online
  • Each album features a customizable URL and email address you can share with anyone you want to contribute
  • There’s no need for friends and family to register, keeping the process simple and hassle-free
  • Easy To Use
  • Private Sharing
  • Commercial Usage
  • Free Space
  • Upgrade Options


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