YakiToMe – Free Online Text-to-Speech (TTS) Convertor

YakiToMe is a free online text-to-speech (TTS) converter that enables you to convert text to MP3 or WAV audio files formats. You can later on download the converted file, thereby listening it on your MP3 Player. You can share audio files with others through email, Facebook etc.

YakiToMe provides a large number of inputs that you can select from for conversion. It support file with extensions like: .doc, .pdf, .txt formats, and provide RSS by simply cut and paste the URL, and provide sharing with Email. You can also choose MP3 or WAV file formats according to your needs.


  • Convert text file to MP3 or WAV audio file formats
  • Lets you download and save audio files to your PC or any portable device
  • Lets you share audio files with others
  • Speaks documents or files in multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish in both male and female voice
  • Lets you control voice, speech speed and pronunciation
  • You can search and subscribe to files created by other users

How To Convert Text to Speech Online:

  • Go onto the website
  • Click on Free Text Speech
  • Click on Open Account
  • Submit your required credentials and click on Open New Account
  • You have been registered with YakiToMe.
  • Select input such as From Text, From File, From RSS or From Email given at the top left side of the page.
  • Once you have selected an input, paste the text
  • Click on Convert Text To Speech.

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