World’s Largest HD Voice Network Launched by Telstra Australia

Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, is now the operator with the largest HD voice network in the world covering over 2.1million square kilometers of Australian landmass.

Ericsson supplied software upgrades for Telstra’s existing core and WCDMA radio access network, which allows people to access the new service on compatible HD voice handsets.

HD voice is the latest way to transport speech across a mobile network. It greatly improves voice quality by capturing a broader range of audible speech, dramatically improving the ability to distinguish a caller’s voice from background noise. The service allows people to better share thoughts and emotions, do business, and communicate information, without compromising voice quality when using a mobile device.

HD voice is an innovation for voice services similar to the shift from standard TV to HDTV. The marked difference in quality is a leap in voice services.

With close to 70% of global mobile revenues still linked to voice calls, HD voice can help operators differentiate themselves in the market and allow them to provide a superior experience to their consumers. [source]

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