Wipro COMET – Advanced Digital Content Monetization Solution Announced

Wipro Technologies announced the launch of Wipro COMET, the Advanced digital Content Monetization Solution which will enable media and telecommunications service providers to roll out new content services, cost effectively and drive increased revenue streams by targeting offers to the specific wants of individual consumers.

Wipro’s COMET will be an enabler for publishers, telecommunications providers, entertainment studios, music labels, and TV and cable networks alike, all of whom face challenges in monetizing content. It will provide them with better opportunities through direct interface with the end consumer, in an engaging manner.

Wipro’s COMET solution includes modules for content management, subscription management, user profiling, portal infrastructure, storefront, e-commerce, advertising management, billing and customer relationships management. It is based on industry standard technology platforms and products, conceptualizing solution themes such as real-time charging, billing and revenue share allocation.

Wipro’s COMET enables content providers to focus their strategy and make it easy for consumers to find, use, and pay for content that will be delivered to a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, PCs and televisions. Then solution will enable the successful adoption of monetization strategies, supporting flexible pricing and bundling, delivering analysis and segmentation to target appropriate and relevant content to the user at the right time, and supports experimentation and rapid roll-out of new products and features as business models evolve over time.

Wipro’s COMET is based upon proven technologies that deliver flexibility and scalability and complements existing technology within the content value chain, including existing content delivery and e-commerce platforms, among other solutions.
Wipro will showcase the COMET solution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 14th – 17th February 2011 in their hospitality Suite located at AV21.

Venecia K Liu, Research Analyst, Convergence of Media and Telecom Gartner said:[advt]

“The growing demand to access news, information and entertainment content from multiple devices has led to the need for an efficient delivery platform that can manage inventory, rights, metadata and assets. There is a need for such a solution to help service providers and media companies adopt monetization strategies to deliver relevant content to the right device at the right time.”

Steve Snyder, Vice President, Global Media & Telecom and Head of Media BU, Wipro Technologies said,

We are pleased to announce the launch of Wipro’s COMET in response to our customers’ evolving demands. Wipro has demonstrated leadership in the telecommunications and media domains with experience spanning over two decades.  This coupled with extensive knowledge on technology platforms enable us to provide a portfolio for pricing, billing and sharing revenue for transactions of any type, thereby empowering us to provide superior business value to our customers around the world.

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