Windows Anytime Upgrade – Not for India?

Windows Anytime Upgrade

Recently I bought a new laptop pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic edition. If you ask me whether I like Vista, Yes for it’s security features and No for it’s slowness. It is slower than Windows XP, even with 1GB RAM.

After using it for a while, I now decided to upgrade to Windows Vista, especially to get working version of IIS 7 (Internet Information Server). (IIS is not available in the Home Basic edition for use as a web server.) There is a “Windows Anytime Upgrade” feature in Vista to upgrade the version online, without loosing any computer settings and data by download the upgrade software online.

Now I tried this option and find that Windows Anytime Upgrade is not supported for INDIA! Hell… Microsoft has posted a note, “If you are asked to select your country /region and your country /region is not listed, then Windows Anytime Upgrade is not available in your country /region at this time. You can purchase the edition of Windows Vista you are interested in at a Microsoft authorized merchant.”

You know what, the Anytime Upgrade is supported for Japan, Austria, Gulf Countries, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, etc. and even other small countries many haven’t even heard of – Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, and Slovenia!

Why does not Microsoft support the second largest country India while it supports the smallest countries like Vatican City? Microsoft has its development/research center in India, so I hope they don’t now consider India as the land of snake charmers and cows only!

Microsoft should be supporting India for such new software and should provide at reduced price to fight software piracy in India


  1. hi ,
    Microsoft treats india like a third world country ..
    i bought a copy of home premium and realized that it won’t work on my system and when i tried to upgrade.. to start with they have no upgrade system for india and on top of it their dealer are also not in any capacity to help u out with this.
    because of our lenient consumer protection laws.. we get screwed even after paying for a product..

  2. That’s very true Pillai. Even I bought a new laptop with Win7 HomePremium pre-installed, but being a student pursuing career in software development, I need some of the tools as group policy editor, user/group snap-ins, xp virtualization, and so on, but when tried to upgrade my OS to Professional / maybe Ultimate, I’m unable to get the prices for the same reason…. It’s really bad that Microsoft doesn’t list India, it’s development force. Maybe Microsoft owes so much to India that it doesn’t want us to buy, you get it for free… piracy is the way.

  3. Yaa man, the slowness of vista home premium (came preloaded with my desktop & laptop) is driving to the point of upgrading it immediately and it’s v.sad to know , anytime upgrade – online is not available presently for the people in India !

    The next option of getting it from a retail shop may be cost intensive !!

    I believe , microsoft will relieve this pain from their customers , asap !!!


  4. Hai, happy to hear about your new Laptop, but feel sorry to hear about the lack of Windows updation for Indians (second class citizen), everybody should protest against this discrimination!

    By the way, how much is the laptop cost & which company? Expecting a review on laptops. [:)]

  5. You are true.

    Its weird to see this.

    BTW, which laptop did u buy and at what price?

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