WhoReadMe Free E-mail Tracking Service

WhoReadMe is a free e-mail tracking service. E-mail tracking is a method for monitoring the status of e-mail delivery on a recipient. The sender receives a read receipt when e-mail is opened. WhoReadMe is embedded a transparent tracking image into HTML e-mail. The image is assigned with unique ID and stored in WhoReadMe server. Once your recipient opens your e-mail, tracking image will be loaded from WhoReadMe server. Therefore, WhoReadMe is alerted to send you notification. WhoReadMe is a free service and WhoReadMe tracking techniques is totally invisible to recipient. User can send ulimited e-mail every day as long as user have enough credits in their account.

There are two options to send tracked email using WhoReadMe. First, is to log in your WhoReadMe account and send email using the said website. Second, is to send your tracked email using your preferred email client, just add the suffix “.whoreadme.com” to your recipient’s e-mail address. No need to install additional software. User can close Their account anytime. Please note that all data and e-mails will be removed from our database and cannot recover back.

WhoReadMe.com is free. Therefore, all users are limited to send 5 tracked emails per day, and 1 recipient per email. WhoReadMe.com is very easy to use. All you need is a valid and registered email address. WhoReadMe.com supports free email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and etc


  • Get e-mail notification each time your e-mail was read
  • Set expiry date of your e-mail content
  • Calculate duration between the e-mail sent and read time[advt]
  • Send e-mail with attachments
  • Get e-mail notification when attachment is downloaded
  • Keep a copy of your sent e-mails for your refer
  • Track recipient location
  • Track recipient browser details, such as operating system, browser name, version, etc…
  • Support HTML e-mail

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