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D-jon is a complete project management system which implements a real time tracking model, templates, multiproject and other features. D-jon is a free project time tracking software which is used for project management purposes. This software is best suited for business whether they are small scale or medium scale industries.  djondb is currently under development and it will be released in May 2012, at the moment of this article the milestone 2 is completed which is a working set of features that enables the basic CRUD operations.

It consists of very good features like templates, tracking of time, multiple project handling and with these features you can control your project with ease and convenience. D-jon is very effective as user can track the time required for a task and see tasks easily in the Gantt chart provided and use them in other project management tools. D-jon is a must for all your project management needs. There is a great option to record all work done in this great free project management tool. D-jon is very good software for management of projects and you can easily use it on your PC as it has a very simple and easy to use interface.

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  • Option for modifying and deleting the tasks.
  • With this freeware you can easily track the time frame within which a project is completed.
  • D-jon has a capability to handle multiple projects at a time thereby making the work easier for its users.[advt]
  • Option to create different time logs manually at your convenience so that you can access the project remotely.
  • Automatic creation of subtasks when you create a task using any template.
  • User can also easily export your project details like time frames, logs, tasks to be done, reports etc so that you can use them anywhere when you are away from your computer.
  • User get a ghantt view by the chart for all your project management provided by this great software.


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