Whodoes – Project Management Tool for Internet Community

Whodoes is the project management tool designed and developed by Wave Factory and delivered free to the internet community as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Factory is developing many others web applications specifically designed to help people do better their work.

WhoDoes 2.0 is the web-based project management tool that helps team members COLLABORATE with each other, SHAREfiles, emails and MANAGE milestones and tasks.

Plan: Plan your projects in just a few minutes, thanks to Fast Planning, a new interface concept to make planning actvities easier.

Manage: Manage the actvities to do daily, assigning tasks, defining due-dates, setting priorities, and always keeping the project’s progress under control.

Collaborate and Communicate: Collaborate and communicate easily with all team members, working in the same office or distributed around the world.

Archive and Share: Archive and share documents and emails of the project within the Repository.

It is the ultimate partner for internet start-ups needing:

  • Design and development of their static or dynamic websites
  • [advt]Websites positioning on the internet and search engines optimization
  • Design and implementation of complex web applications
  • Package applications, smart applications for the web and mobile


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