Where In The World Game – Test Your Maps Knowledge

Google Maps Labs have introduced many additional features to Google Maps. “Where in the World Game” is one of those features added to Google Map in order to test your geography knowledge by guessing the names of countries from satellite imagery.


In this game, you will be given 10 questions one by one with an interval of 10 seconds. Google map will spot a place and you need to tell which country it belong to. You have to pick the correct answer from 4 options given. You have the option to view the map or satellite imagery.

If the user has  logged into his/her gmail account,  game scores will be stored  and the whole list of gmae scores will be shown at the end of each game.

How to activate ‘where in the world game’?

  1. Goto http://maps.google.com/maps?showlabs=1
  2. Enable where in the world game
  3. Click to save changes

Now you are all set to play… Have fun with google maps.

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