Weebly – The Online AJAX Website Creator

WeeblyWeebly is an online, AJAX-based website creator with a Web 2.0 GUI. It is very simple and ease to use website building tool for non-techies. Weebly helps people with just Microsoft Word knowledge to create, manage, and host a website online, all for free with no catches.

Weebly has elements such as google-map, flickr-gallery, video, images, blogs etc., which you can just drag and drop to your page. These elements also helps to add content that’s already somewhere else on the Web, such as Flickr photos, YouTube videos and Google maps. You can add RSS from your blogs or other blogs to Weebly.

Blogs can be added like any other Weebly page to the navigation bar of your Weebly site. The blog supports the basic blog features, such as posting, commenting, categories, and archiving.


You can host your Weebly pages either as a Weebly subdomain like user. Weebly.com or in your own custom domain name with just few clicks. Domain registration is also integrated now with weebly. There’s no limit to the number of pages or amount of material you put up.

Once you have designed your site or blog, you can even download the entire thing as a zip file and upload it on your own hosting server.

Weebly is mentioned as one of Time’s 50 best websites of 2007. Weebly maintains its position within the first 5 sites.

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