Webroot Security & Antivirus – Mobile Phone and Tablet Security.

Webroot Security & Antivirus is a mobile phone & tablet security anti-virus protection. It is (FREE) Anti-virus, Internet security & identity protection for Android smartphones & tablets. Locates lost or stolen devices, automatically scans apps/files, blocks malware, phishing, SMS spam & more.

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  • THE BEST ANTIVIRUS FOR ANDROID:[androidqrcode:  com.webroot.security]
    • Automatically scans your apps and files for viruses, spyware, Trojans
    • Antivirus security shields block malware before it has a chance to install
    • Alerts you when your device and settings are vulnerable to attack
    • Automatically scans web links and URLs to block phishing and other harmful content
    • Remote Access – Use your Mobile Security Website (https://mobile.webroot.com/auth/login) or another mobile device to remotely lock, wipe, or locate your device
    • Device Lock – Remotely locks your device if it’s lost or stolen*
    • Device Wipe – Remotely wipes your contacts, text messages, other personal information (Premier Feature)
    • Device Scream – Sounds an alert to help you locate your device nearby
    • Device Locate – See your device’s location on a map*
    • SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks device when your SIM card is removed (Premier Feature)
    • Spam blocking – Blocks text spam and unwanted calls*
    • Virus blocking – Automatically blocks messages containing malicious URLs (Premier Feature)

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