WavTrim Free Tool to Clean Up WAV Files, Supports Batch Processing

WavTrim is a free utility for cleaning up WAV files. It automatically removes silence and any left over of another track, and optionally normalizes the volume of tracks from different sources. It supports batch processing of WAV files. It is an automatic WAV file cleaner.

WavTrim is useful:

  • [advt]When you extract a track from an Audio-CD (CD ripping).
  • Before making MP3s (MP3 encoding).
  • Before making Audio-CDs (CD burning).
  • WavTrim is easy to use.


It was originally created to help extract audio tracks from CDs.Audio-CD song extraction is not very accurate. It is possible to trim each track by hand (using a regular WAV editor software), but that’s tedious. So WavTrim first purpose was to scan and clean WAV files, removing silence and any leftover of another track.


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