Watch YouTube on Your TV Sscreen

Have you ever thought to bring YouTube videos to your Living Room so that you can watch the videos with your family on a big screen?

Great, there are many ways to watch YouTube videos on your TV.  YouTube has listed a few options to enable you to watch YouTube on Your TV.

Google TV

Select YouTube Leanback from your Google TV home screen or goto

    YouTube Leanback is a new way to watch YouTube videos on Google TV or any such big screen. With simple controls and full screen viewing, Leanback makes watching videos on YouTube as effortless as watching TV. (Read more at TECK.IN)

    Media Center PC

    Plug your Media Center PC to your TV and go to from your web browser to enjoy the YouTube show. YouTube XL is a version of YouTube optimized for watching YouTube videos on any large screen.


    The Wii is a home video game console by Nintendo. The Wii competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Select “Internet Channel“, click on “Web Address“, and enter

    Sony PlayStation

    In Sony PlayStation, select “Network” and then “Internet Browser“. Press the Start button on your console and enter as the URL to browse to.

    Apple TV

    Browse and play YouTube videos by selecting “YouTube” from the main menu.


    Select “Web Videos and Downloads” on the main menu, and then select YouTube.

      List of TVs That can Play YouTube Videos Online

      • LGLCD models: 42LH50, 47LH50, 55LH50; PDP models: 50PS80, 60PS80
      • PanasonicViera HDTVs, Plasmas, and LCD Televisions
      • SonyBravia HDTVs
      • SamsungSeries 8 and 6 plasma HDTVs
      • PhilipsSelect the YouTube icon on the Net TV homepage with your TV’s remote


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