– Search Engine for Stream, Rent and Buy Movies is a search engine that shows you where you can stream, rent, download and buy movies. It checks the libraries at Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Hulu and provides links to the appropriate listings. And if a movie isn’t available, you can sign up for, set a reminder and the service will email you when the movie’s availability changes.

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With CanIStream.It, you can search across all of these services and pick the one you want to use. And if the movie you’re looking for is not available, just sign-up, set a reminder and voila it will shoot you an email when your chosen service makes the movie available. also searches iTunes, Crackle, Blockbuster, Youtube Movies, EPIX, Vudu, and Amazon OnDemand stores; so if a movie isn’t available you might still be able to digitally rent or purchase it. Just type in the movie title you want to search for and then select “Streaming”, “Rental”, “Purchase”, or “DVD/Blu-ray” from the menu to check for availability. If the movie is available, simply click on the icon and it will take you to the movie page, for the service you selected. If not, then sign-in and set a reminder and it let you know when it becomes available.

[advt]CanIStream.It can alert you when new movies and documentaries become available. As a user of this site, you can set down notifications for as many titles as you want, and receive them straight in your inbox. You’ll get to learn when these movies you can hardly wait to watch become viewable. You won’t ever have to look for them, you’ll receive a message in your inbox letting you know as much.

All of the movies that you can get to watch through the site are official. You won’t be doing anything illegal if you give any of them a look, they come straight from the companies that have the rights to distribute them online.

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