Wadja.com User Guide – How to Join, Use Labels, Invite Friends

Wadja.com - Send Free SMS Text Messages WorldwideWith Wadja.com, you can send Free SMS messages internationally. Wadja.com is a unique messaging service based on shared topics of interest and activities. Use Wadja to follow profile “labels” that focus around the hobbies and group discussions you enjoy most. With Wadja, conversations can take place over the web, email and sms, and the responses are shared between contacts, or privately with a friend.

With Wadja you can organize real time conversations and social content under customized “label” tags. Labels perform all the work folders once did with an extra bonus: you can add more than one label to a conversation. Once a label is created, all the content and feeds within that label are easily searched or accessed by clicking the label name.

Labels can be applied to a variety of social content and activity including email and sms messages, real time tweets and status updates, uploaded media, and even friend relationships. Labels add a personalized relevance to content and conversation.

Users join Wadja, for free, in a simple sign up process, via the web or a mobile device. You can also sign up or sign in to Wadja with a variety of popular Account IDs including Twitter, Google Connect and Facebook Connect.


Your first two labels (your location and profile photo) are already shown, on signing up to Wadja.com. A variety of other system labels are provided to help users archive and organize their social content and streams of real-time communication.

System labels are set by Wadja or the White Label owner and determine what labels the user will automatically receive. In Wadja for example, the system labels are Notes, SMS, Email and Twitter and a few more.

System labels help users organize and archive all their social content, real time activity and communication. Some system labels are for your eyes only (email and SMS) while other system labels are flexible enough to have their privacy settings changed. This is where the technology and process really gets exciting.

Wadja’s Messaging Platform ensures that the user activity stream and message distribution is successfully delivered across multiple devices and platforms, whether offline or online.

Wadja offers full email messaging and SMS delivery to handsets in over 650 networks in 200 countries. So why not invite contacts and friends to join the conversation (imported from your Gmail address book for example or synchronized via your mobile phone using Wadja’s mobile Sync service).

Contacts and friends receiving the invite can join Wadja and jump into the label conversation or can opt not to join Wadja and simply follow the topic of interest by receiving email and SMS messages every time a new update is posted on the specific label conversation.

Wadja provides users with an open and flexible way to contact friends and contacts through email, web or SMS messaging. With a simple click from the same profile page where your activity is happening, a private message can be sent and received in real time.
Messages delivered through the Wadja compose interface may also have an embedded (targeted) advertisements attached.

Advertising in Wadja: Interested advertisers or White Label owners can append their messages, promotions, or events in friend-to-friend message communications. Purchase your Message Ads, cap your budget, and manage your promotion: Full control to follow, queue, edit or stop your Message Ads, as and when you wish.

Label owners (companies, bloggers, celebrities, etc…) can chose to Sponsor SMS Updates on targeted label conversations. Users will receive SMS messages every time an update occurs on a specific label conversation.

The SMS update is free for the follower as it is sponsored and paid for by the label owner (company, blogger, celebrity, etc). Of course SMS updates are always opt-in and followers can opt-out of receiving updates via SMS (and email for that matter) anytime they wish.

Wadja User Guide

Wadja – An Introduction

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