Vodafone Audio Conference Call For Business Customers

Vodafone LogoVodafone announced the Audio Conferencing Service for its business customers in India. This service offers a range of audio conferencing versions that customers can choose from to suit thier business needs.

Audio conference helps you collaborate with anyone at anytime, anywhere. It gives you a platform to connect multiple people together on a phone call and carry out a discussion. You can plan and book a conference in advance and ask people to log in for the meeting; or else you can, on the fly, get people on a conference by giving them a conference code.

Reservation-less Plus: Without making a prior reservation or relying on an operator, you can conduct meetings whenever and wherever you want – it’s ideal for unplanned conferences. You have a permanent conference code, which you can share with customers whenever you want them to join me in a conference.

[advt]Automated: Now you can plan to conduct a conference without any operator’s assistance. All you need to do is make a prior reservation by phone or email. You will have a conference pass code which you can use to enter the conference at the scheduled time. You can share the same with other participants you want in the conference.

Operator Assisted: In case of a large or very important conference, you consider an operator’s assistance necessary. To begin with, the operator helps you get callers onto a conference. Besides, she/he can call up to notify the participants 15 minutes in advance. To make my life easier and simpler, she/he can also screen the participants for me from an approved list, shared with her/him prior to the conference.

Direct Event: To conduct a concall with a large dispersed audience, you can avail of the Direct Event Audio Conferencing. It allows participants to join the conference by entering a pass code without connecting to any operator. This facility also provides me with a facilitator to read a custom script. The Direct Event can be conducted in a lecture mode with all participants muted. It also facilitates Q&A session in a professional and orderly manner, and you can ask for participant reports, text transcripts, and recordings at the end of the conference.

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