Visual Hashing – Password Hashing add-on for Firefox and Chrome

Visual Hashing is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser and extension for Chrome that modifies the password input widgets on every page across the web by causing the background of the input to change as the user types to a four color image hash. As you type, the colors change, and your password will have a specific color combination. That way, if you were to mistype it, you’d know right away, because the colors would be all off.

This hash is calculated from the unsalted SHA1 hash of what has been typed, and is the same (for a given password) across different sites and even browsers. This consistency will help the user realize if they have entered their password correctly without displaying their password on the screen.

Visual Hashing integrates well into most sites. It works for instance on Twitter, Facebook and Google properties. The four colors begin to appear after you have entered the first character of the user password. This works both on sign-up forms and on sign-in forms.

Download Visual Hashing


  • [advt]Extension for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Prevent misspelled password with color cues.
  • Remember color cues before clicking log-in.
  • Needs to be use a lot to be very useful.

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