Vikido – Social Sharing Platform for Kids

Vikido is a social sharing platform that designed for the web and mobile, that brings the entire family together in a fun, safe way. It gives kids the freedom of expression to connect and post text, pictures and videos about their lives in a safe environment online. At the same time, Vikido gives parents the ability to control what is shared, where and with whom. With Vikido, children can create audio, video or pictographic content to share instantly with their parents.

Vikido works both on the Web and on mobile devices, and it basically enables users (IE, parents and their children) to do all that can be done on Facebook, and share all the kind of media that people always share on social networking sites. Only that the word “social” has a far more restricted meaning here.

Preeminent among them is the presence of educational content for parents and their little ones to go through together. And remember, the interactions that take place remain safe from unwanted eyes at all times.

Vikido is in a ballpark that is adjacent to the one where sites such as uKnowKids and GoGoStat play. These are sites that let parents monitor the activity of their children when they are online and spot unsafe connections at once.

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