Usermood – User Feedback for Web Apps

Usermood will clone your best users. It engages your web visitors with one click surveys so you can attract more like them or learn why they’re not your biggest fans before its too late. Happy users make more referrals, need less support, and are your best salespeople. They add rocket fuel to your web application business. It can get quick, actionable feedback from customers and prospects.

With UserMood you get a steady stream of feedback that can tell you how successful a new feature is, whether users would recommend your site to others, whether existing customers are happy, and much more. And since UserMood also lets you track responses from specific users, you can easily follow up with prospects or customers to get more in-depth feedback.

Create a multiple choice survey question in seconds. You can also ask a follow-up question based on your visitors survey response to get more comments or contact information.

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