Use Wattpad to Publish Any Article, Story or Poem, Free of Cost

Wattpad is an online community for discovering and sharing stories, which is entirely free. Users are allowed to post their literature and to comment & like stories / to join groups associated with Wattpad. Wattpad can be read on a computer, phone or tablet.

Readers can collect stories into reading lists and vote for their favorites. Wattpad app is available for iOS and Android. Writers use Wattpad to connect and engage with readers to share their work, to build a fan base and to receive instant feedback on their stories.

Wattpad allows writers to publish their work serially. The literature stored in Wattpad ranges from Romance to Science Fiction. Wattpad has books in more than 31 Languages including Hindi and Malayalam from India.

While using Wattpad as an app, users can chat and comment, read offline and personalize reading settings and can synchronize the Wattpad library. Wattpad asks for a simple registration to enjoy its features. You may download for Android or iOS also.

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