True Caller Mobile App – Identify Unknown Incoming Calls

TrueCaller is a mobile application that shows who the caller is instantly on incoming calls if the number is not stored in your phone book. Even if you receive a call from abroad, you can still identify who the caller is, if the number is publicly available. If the number is not publicly available we can still display which city or country the number belongs to.

The Caller ID functionality is available for Android Phones, Symbian Phones and Windows Mobile phones. Blackberry will be supported soon. TrueCaller will always work, provided you have 3G or EDGE or WiFi connection on your cellphone and the number is available on reverse phone number lookup services.

TrueCaller is the most used Caller ID application on the market with social media integrations and intelligent call blocking functionality against spam calls. Visit from your phones browser to get TrueCaller.

A large number of countries including India (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai) support Caller Id application of True Caller. List of countries that support True Caller


Caller ID+

CallerID+ is a crowd-sourced caller ID functionality. By sharing your address book information with other CallerID+ enabled users we can now support the CallerID functionality for all countries in the world. It is only possible to make a lookup on incoming calls and requires you to opt-in share. Caller ID+ is not supported in India.

Social Caller ID

TrueCaller shows you your Facebook and LinkedIn friends latest status message and profile picture when they call you (or you call them). It is available only in latest version of  TrueCaller – TrueCaller 2.x.

Update your Phone book

Update Phonebook updates your phonebook with missing information such as street, city, zipcode and country where data can be found. With one single click TrueCaller will go through all your contacts where the address information is missing and add it. Nothing will ever be deleted, only added.

Call Filter

Call Filter protects you from fraud, spam and unwanted calls with several unique features. If any of the fraud, spam or unwanted numbers we have listed so far will call you, a Blocked by TrueCaller notification will appear on your screen to warn you. You can then choose to answer or reject the call. On Symbian and Windows Mobile devices you can even block the calls automatically by adding them to your spam list and enable call blocker.

The spam numbers consists of:

  • Well-known fraud and spam numbers added by the TrueCaller team.
  • Numbers that have been marked as unwanted by several other TrueCaller users.

Tweet your calls with TweetCaller

Connect your Twitter-account to TrueCaller to automatically update your Twitter when you are on the phone to keep your friends updated. E.g. “Hi friends, I´m on the phone with Sara”

1. Open TrueCaller
2. Open Twitter-tab and enter your Username and Password for Twitter.
3. Configure your Twitter-message, e.g. “Hi friends. I am talking to”


TrueCaller displays a preview of the incoming text message. If the sender´s number is not stored in your phonebook, TrueCaller will try to detect it and display the name of the sender. The SMS Popup functionality is available for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile and is enabled by default in TrueCaller.

Name and Number search

Search among 200 million numbers in more than 25 countries around the world. With TrueCaller you can easily make a name or number search by simply entering the phone number and pressing search.

Map and directions

TrueCaller has an integrated map functionality which allows you to display the address of the caller on a map. With one single click in the history or in the TrueCaller call dialog you can get a map overview. [source]


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