Battery Extender Mobile App – Improve Nokia Phone Standby Time

Today’s feature rich smartphones are fantastic but their battery performances can be somewhat limiting. This is where Battery Extender can help by fine tuning the settings on your device as your battery drains. Battery Extender mobile app claims to extend the standby time of your Nokia smartphone by up to 30%. How much energy you save depends on the profile you are using and obviously your phone usage in general. With the Nokia S60 smartphone series, you can achieve up to 30% longer battery life. In most cases that will mean that you phone will last for 4 instead of the average 3 days.

You can download a 14-day-trial version of Battery Extender or buy Battery Extender directly from Nokia Ovi Store. Battery extender costs $3/3EUR/4GBP.

Once you have downloaded Battery Extender and installed it on your phone you can select the profile that best suits your situation and the program will then manage the features that drain your battery by fine tuning the settings on your device. As your battery drains, less critical, power draining features can be disabled to extend the life.


A profile is a list of features you wish to change. The application comes configured with some recommended profiles but you can customise them to your needs.

  • Enable Battery Extender’s Max Battery profile – This turns on all the power saving features to their highest levelto give you the maximum battery performance.
  • Enable Battery Extender’s Outdoor sports profile – This will enable the maximum battery performance, saving energy on unneeded features, to stop the power hungry GPS receiver from completely draining your battery.
  • Add Google Maps to the list of applications to close down when you battery level drops below 3 bars.
  • Use the Improved Battery profile to start only changing settings when the battery runs low

Currently Battery Extender will manage the following features:

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Autorotate
  • Backlight timeout
  • Backlight brightness
  • Screensaver timeout
  • Applications (which can be individually selected)

That does not mean that you wont be able to still use any of the managed features. You can manually access all features on your phone, without having to change anything in the Battery Extender settings. The program only manages programs that run in the background and you can select the profile that best suits you situation and adapt any of the recommended profiles. [source]

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