Transfer Files from Android without USB – Download Software Data Cable App

Software Data Cable is android mobile app that transfer files (folders) between computer and phone without the USB data cable.With this app no need to carry the USB data cable for file transfer, just drag and drop the files/folders between PC and phone their is no need to mount and unmount the SD card frequently.

[androidqrcode: com.lyy.softdatacable]It will not make any impact on your data plan because it is a WIFI data transfer. The app works when your computer and phone are connected to the same WIFI network.

Download Software Data Cable App from Android Market

This app is simple to use, you just open the app and tap the “Start Service” button, then open “Windows Browser” (or Internet Browser”) on your computer and input address. After connecting the computer with you phone. You can transfer the files/folders (copy/cut/paste/delete etc.) freely and fastly.

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