tracx – Plan, Execute, Engage and Monitor Social Media Activities

tracx is an end-to-end social media marketing platform that follows the social media life-cycle, allowing agencies and brands to plan, monitor, measure and execute marketing activities across multiple social media platforms.

tracx manages every phase of the social media campaign life cycle, delivering only the most relevant information for the planning, implementation, tracking and reporting of your social media campaigns.
Throughout the process tracx interactively helps you build an effective social media marketing strategy, giving you structure and flexibility to the creative process.

Planning and Insights

  • Understand the current market landscape
  • Gain insights into customer behaviors, conversation topics and trends
  • Review the competition’s social strategy and complete list of influencers
  • Drive reach and awareness by engaging the top campaign related opinion leaders

Social Relationship Management (SRM)

  • [advt]Distribute content from multiple accounts across multiple networks
  • Allocate ownership, deadlines, priorities and distribution channels
  • Improve consistency by streamlining the content publishing process
  • Maintain a single source of all brand’s social activities and leads

24 Hour Social Scene

  • Review the most important conversations from the last 24 hours
  • Monitor conversations, as they happen, across all social channels
  • Understand the tone and sentiment of campaigns as they develop
  • Identify business strengths and weaknesses highlighted by daily sentiment results

Success Measurements

  • Review an executive overview of brand and activity level successes
  • Compare multiple campaigns for channel compatibility and user response
  • Measure pre-defined succes criteria against actual results
  • Quantify the effect the brand and the influencer’s social activities had on the wider UCG

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