Track Your Vehicles Fuel Consumption Using Fuelly

fuelly_logoFuelly is a website and web application that allows vehicle owners to track the consumption of fuel and fuel efficiency of their motor vehicles, and to compare their results with owners of similar vehicles. Sign up for free, add a car or motorcycle to your profile, then either keep track of miles driven between fuel-ups (using your vehicle’s tripometer) or record your odometer at each fuel-up (you can choose in your settings which way to record mileage).

[advt]The idea started with building a MPG history calculator app, but making it web-based and multi-user so you could compare cars and drivers across the system. The site offers both standard and mobile versions, allowing users to quickly report their odometer readings by Smartphone or text message each time that they add fuel to their vehicles.

If you’re adding a car you want the car form. If you’re adding a motorcycle or scooter you want the motorcycle form.


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