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Rediffmail NG – Mobile Email Service at Rs. 50 per Month

Rediffmail NG, the next generation email service from, enables users to send and receive unlimited email, send sms directly from inbox. Rediffmail NG Mobile application can be bought for a minimum of 12 months at a cost of Rs. 50 per month. Rediffmail NG works across almost all mobile phone platforms including Symbian, Java, and Android, as well as on almost all mobile phones in the market, including all entry level phones which cost as little as Rs 1,500. […]

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Rediff Bol to Send Free SMS to India Cell Phones

You can chat with SMS to your friend in India using Rediff Bol Instant Messenger. You can send a text message to your friend, and if he/she reply, you can continue the SMS chat.

The SMS message is limited to a maximum of 117 characters. You can always send 1 more free messages per day to a number, if your friend do not respond. […]