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Locate and Track Friends and Family Using MapmyIndia Locate App

Indian Digital Map maker MapmyIndia had officially launched MapmyIndia Locate, a mobile app for the smartphones. The company explained that the app will serve as a locator tool, where the users can check in their locations and their friends/family can gain access to their movement report. The app is available at Google Play. MapmyIndia Locate uses GPS, Wifi or Cell ower traingulation to calculate the locations. […]

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MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps – GPRS-enabled Mobile Phones as GPS Navigators

MapmyIndia recently launched ‘MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps’. With the app, you can use your GPS-enabled mobile phones as GPS navigators. The application supports live, turn-by-turn voice and map instructions. It does not require GPRS data connection or cellular network to operate. The mobile app supports a variety of platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and the iPhone. The software costs a one time charge of Rs 2,490. You will not need to pay any other cost. […]

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Mobile Devices & Apps

MapmyIndia Light (MapmyIndia LX130) GPS Navigator for Rs 11900 launched MapmyIndia LX130 (MapmyIndia Light), a sleek new GPS navigation gadget for Generation Next priced at Rs 11,990, covers maps of 401 cities, over 8.3 lakh km of roads connecting over 4 lakh towns & villages. While driving a car, MapmyIndia Light can be easily attached to the windscreen and the user can follow the voice-guided instructions to travel to your destination. […]