Top 10 Mobile Marketing Trends in 2011 – Mobile Marketing Association

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced its top 10 industry predictions for mobile marketing in the Asia Pacific region.  MMA is a premier non-profit trade organization which represents all players in the mobile marketing value chain.

Here is MMA’s top ten industry predictions for the mobile market.

1. Personalization and privacy options will improve Effectiveness and Credibility of mobile media as marketing channel.

According to MMA, the continuing innovations in mobile technology will allow for personalization in the selection of services such as mobile marketing messages. You can thus have transparent, permission-based marketing services available on your mobile. Thus mobile transform itself to a truly conversational and measurable medium that can lead to real-time increase in business-to-consumer transactions.

2. Over the top services

Over the top application-based value added services will help create mobile inventory services and enables greater mobile advertising spending. Telecom service providers will be forced to review their publishing investments and plans.

3. Free SMS/Free video/Free phone calls through applications

With applications such as WhatsApp and Viber, sending free SMS and calls from mobile devices becomes easier. With more such applications entering the market, these basic mobile features will become available free of cost across multiple devices. Free contents will be available through new ad units including interactive and partial screen.

4. Re-birth of Windows 7 based mobile devices.

Microsoft’s new and strict hardware specifications for the Windows 7 mobile platform provides a better user experience like that provided in Research In Motion (RIM) and Apple devices. The re-birth of Windows 7 mobile with Microsoft’s restriction of using the OS only on compatible devices, can fuel the growth of mobile internet and advertising.

5. HTML5 vs Apps

Even though the new HTML5 offers great opportunities, mobile apps and app selling stores will continue to rule mobile content. Appealing factors which drive customers towards apps are the availability of basic functions even without active data connection, and the high level of usability and engagement offered by app stores. However, device dependence and the limited penetration of apps might lead to its decline in the coming years.

6. Location Based Services (LBS) + Augmented Reality (AR)

The rapid growth of GPS phones with digital compasses is already promoting location-based AR software platforms and applications. The combination of AR with LBS allows user positions to be overlaid in real-time camera images, which makes consumption of location-based information more intuitive and fun.

7. Mobile micropayments

The rapid growth of the electronic payment industry will provide more opportunities for all electronic payment channels including the mobile platform. Mobile banking services can greatly help developing countries which lag in traditional service sector.

8. Re-emergence of mobile blogging

As Mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated and feature rich, they can now handle works  done through computers. The introduction and adoption of tablet devices will offer more speed, connectivity and battery life for mobile devices. Mobile platform is already being used by writers and bloggers to put down their thoughts. Moreover, the option to edit and upload contents in various formats will make the mobile platform more preferred for bloggers.

9. Growth of smartphones and mobile internet advertising

The relatively large growth of smartphones having browser capabilities combined with their better user interface will encourage more people to access conventional websites on their mobile handsets. The increase in mobile internet penetration will favor Business-to-consumer applications to be delivered using conventional web tools and web adaptation tools.

10. 3D technology in mobiles

3D technology is increasingly being incorporated into every gadget available today including mobile platforms. In India, Spice mobility had already launched a phone with 3D capabilities and in 2011, we can see a lot more experimentation in this area.

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