Tip calculator Android App – Calculate Tip, Divide Bill

Tip calculator is easy andriod app, using this app you can calculate the tip or divide the bill between any number of people. Its work simply choose the “Generous mode” to calc pay for others, then press the “setting” to set the tax value and calc mode. Press the “+” & “-” button to set the value of tip and number of people. If you click’Round on’ to get a round result or otherwise click ‘Round off’ to get a exact result of bill and tip.
Download Tip calculator from Android Market

[androidqrcode: mobi.infolife.itip]


  • Easy to use
  • Support tax calc
  • Support calc more than 1 person
  • [advt]Quick tip & split calculate
  • Simple numeric soft keyboard
  • Round bill and tip support
  • AD Free
  • Fit for pad

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