TheDeadline ToDo Manager Web App – Share ToDos, Get Updates

TheDeadline is an intelligent Todo-Manager. The system makes collaboration very easy and it helps the user to focus on the most important tasks and to keep an overview over large sets of todos.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy collaboration.
  • Feels like a personal assistant.

Install TheDealine Chrome Web App

TheDeadline provides a novel way to share todos fast and easily with co-workers to collaborate in small and large projects. An integrated Artificial Intelligence system gives status updates, asks for decisions and provides a smart system to re-submit overdue todos without annoying the user.

The tool does not just store todos, but actually helps users to get things done.


Adding and tagging a todo is as easy as writing a Twitter post. You can include #tags to categorize your todos and quickly find them again via a tag filter.

Collaboration is very easy, too. Just use @mentions of a user/co-worker in your todo text to share a task with them. TheDeadline makes sure that you are kept up to date about the status of your todo.

TheDeadline integrates with your Google Contacts so you can start working with the people you already know right away.

Finding the right time to actually finish your todos is a hard task. TheDeadline helps you to plan your work by integrating Google Calendar: Just assign todos you want to work on to your calendar events via drag and drop. Done.

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