The Birdy – Web based Personal Finance Tracker

The Birdy is a web-based personal finance tracker which helps you keep track of your daily spending, showing you exactly where and what you are spending your hard-earned pennies on. Track your cash flow, spending, and money budget.

This webapp makes recording your spending really easy by asking you to reply to its daily emails. Each day, The Birdy will send you an email asking what you bought that day.


  • Sign up: It’ll only take 2 seconds and just enter your email and password.
  • Reply to one email a day or email, text, or enter your purchases on our site. Add tags to see what you’re spending the most on.
  • Control your money. Watch your spending with our simple-to-read dashboard.
  • With the Birdy, see where you can save, cut back, or cut loose with your money.
  • Your information is safe and secure.

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