Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Contacts with Google Mail Using GO Contact Sync Mod

GO Contact Sync ModGO Contact Sync Mod is an open source tool to synchronize your Microsoft Outlook contacts with Google Mail. With this tool you do not need to enter your contact details more than once, always have the latest version everywhere: in Outlook and in Google. Contact categories are supported, as well as contact photos to make your contacts look exactly the same. You can set up sync options to start up and synchronize automatically, so it is the perfect backup tool.

Download GO Contact Sync Mod

This project adds various enhancements and bug fixes to the currently (presumably) dead project Go Contact Sync.

Features and Benefits

  • Synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail.
  • Contact Categories and Contact Photos
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Backup your Outlook Contacts to the Cloud
  • Software free-of-charge
  • Synchronize your Exchange contacts as well as your contacts in a PST file
  • Synchronize your contacts with Windows Phone 7 (WP7), iPhone and Android over the air through Google


  • Enter your Google Login and Password
  • Set a name for your “Sync Profile” of your choice. It must be unique in each computer and account you intend to sync with your Google Mail account.
  • If you want to synchronize deletions, check the option “Sync Delete”
  • Set the synchronization method
  • Merge Prompt will ask you which contact to overwrite on conflicts.
  • Merge Outlook Wins overrides the Google contact on conflicts.
  • Merge Google Wins overrides the Outlook contact on conflicts.
  • Outlook To Google Only synchronizes your contacts to Google, not from Google to Outlook
  • Google To Outlook Only synchronizes your contacts to Outlook, not from Outlook to Google
  • Activate “Run program at startup” to start the program when Windows starts
  • Activate “Auto Sync” to synchronize your contacts automatically
  • Activate “Report Sync Results” to get a notification each time a synchronization was successful
  • Click on “Sync” to start the synchronization
  • Click on “Hide” to minimize the window to system tray
  • You can also use the rightclick menu on the tray icon to synchronize your contacts manually
  • Doubleclick on the tray icon to open the settings dialog if minimized
  • The “Reset Matches” button removes links between Outlook and Google contatcs to start from scratch. If you accidentaly deleted a contact, click this button.

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