Synchronize Between PCs and Smartphones via Wi-Fi – SimpleSync

SimpleSync is a service that can easily synchronize, back-up and transfer contents such as [androidqrcode:  com.skt.simplesync]photos, music files, video files, address book and text messages between PCs and smartphones via Wi-Fi.

3steps involved:

  • SimpleSync Application Download
  • Sign up after installation
  • Auto connection between PC and Phone through Wi-Fi

Download SimpleSync for Android


  • You can easily transfer photos, music, and videos from PC to smartphone and vice versa.
  • You can easily exchange photos, music and videos between smartphones on which the SimpleSync application is installed.
  • You can always restore the phone address book even if your phone device is lost or broken, by saving it in your PC easily.
  • You can simply save your photos taken by your smartphone into your PC.

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