SugarSync Cloud Storage – Backup, Sync and Access Files From Any Device

SugarSync LogoSugarSync is a cloud storage service and the simplest way to backup, sync and access files from anywhere, anytime. SugarSync is available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

With SugarSync, you get online cloud storage for all your files — documents, music, photos, and video. When you make a change or add files on any of your PC or Mac computers, SugarSync automatically syncs your files to the cloud, where you can access them from any Internet-connected device — including your smartphone or iPad.

Not only does SugarSync store all your data, it also allows you to sync your data to your other computers and devices. During set-up, you tell SugarSync where you want to keep copies of your favorite files, photos, or music and the rest happens automatically. If you work on a document at home in the evening, it’s automatically available on your work computer the next day.

The best thing about SugarSync is that it is cross-platform, so the user can synchronise documents from both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPhone.

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  • Automatically sync files across computers. Sync PCs, sync Macs, even sync PCs with Macs!
  • SugarSync’s online backup service works quietly in the background without interfering with your productivity.
  • Browse, access, backup and sync — all from your mobile device
  • SugarSync provides data security you can count on.
  • Backup your photos and music. Enjoy anywhere. Share anytime.
  • Get remote access to your files, photos, and media from anywhere.
  • Share files and folders anytime, anywhere

[advt]SugarSync’s online backup gives you the power to decide which folders you want to back up on any of your computers. As you work, your files are continuously backed up to your secure, personal SugarSync website. Your data is securely transferred via SSL and is stored using 128-bit AES encryption. Every time you make a change, your work is automatically saved to cloud storage. In fact, SugarSync saves 5 versions of a document so it’s easy to revert to an earlier version.


Once your data is safely stored in SugarSync, you can access it anytime from your mobile device. SugarSync has mobile sync applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. You can easily stream music, view photos or videos, or backup and access any of your work or personal documents — right from your mobile device. For example, show a friend your recent vacation photos on your smartphone, even if they’re stored on your home computer. You have instant access to your data from virtually anywhere!

If you travel frequently or often work on multiple computers or devices, you’ll appreciate the freedom SugarSync gives you. With SugarSync, you can easily view or make changes to remote files and documents from a mobile device, a colleague’s computer, or from an Internet cafe at the other side of the world. Just log in to the SugarSync website from any computer with a browser to access your remote data.


SugarSync makes it easy to share files with friends and collaborate with colleagues. SugarSync offers several ways to share information online. Create a “public link” with a single click that you can send out via email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also share files and photos from your computer or your smartphone — very powerful if you are away from the office and need to get information to someone quickly. You can also share any folder with your virtual team and set optional password protection and sharing permissions. SugarSync makes file sharing and collaborating with your virtual team easy by keeping all your shared files and folders up-to-date and in sync.

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