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StockTwits is the best place to discover and share trading ideas with real traders in real time. You can join a global community of investors and traders. Get info and ideas on your favorite stocks. Find investors and traders that match your style. Follow them to find the next great trade and expand your knowledge. You can share ideas, trades, links and charts with a wide community. Also you get feedback.

The Financial Idea Network
StockTwits is the 24/7 financial idea network. It is a community of traders and investors sharing market insight, ideas, charts and news streaming in real time.

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At the core of StockTwits are ideas. Ideas are short messages that people share about Stocks, Futures, Forex, or the market and economy in general. It also give you the ability add charts and links to your ideas so you can elaborate and share even more.

An idea you share on StockTwits gets broad dissemination across the financial web, including Yahoo Finance, Investopedia, and CNN Money.

Find Ideas on StockTwits
Sharing ideas is not for everyone. At StockTwits,  make it easy to find ideas as well. You can follow stocks and follow people based on your market strategy, then get delivered ideas, charts, and links that you care about in real time in your Home Stream. It’s the ultimate way for a trader or investor to manage his or her financial information flow.

A great place to start looking for ideas is the Suggested Stream. This is a stream of ideas from users who have been handpicked by the StockTwits community for being trustworthy, helpful, and knowledgeable over time.

A Curated Community
What sets StockTwits apart from other financial communities is curation. At StockTwits the cream rises to the top. It actively are seeking out and bringing attention to the best in StockTwits community. At the same time it have House Rules, which it strictly enforce. This keeps out the spammers and pumpers that you may see on other financial “communities”.

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