Spendbrite – Online Budgeting Software

Spendbrite is free online budgeting software that lets you create budget online, and then track your spending against budget. It follows the simple cash envelope based approach in which you set aside money for each category at beginning of month, and then use money from that envelope only.

It let you budget spending for different categories like, Entertainment, Gas, Groceries, etc. You can also create your own custom categories. After that, whenever you make an expense, you just need to record it against its relevant category. Spendbrite also comes with a mobile app, so you can record your expenses as soon you do. When you record expenses, it keeps reducing that amount from your budgeted amount.

Spendbrite presents a nice dashboard that shows the amount that is left in each of your budgeted category. This gives you a quick overview that how much more money you can spend this month, and if you are exceeding budgeted amount in any category.


  • Create custom sections and spending categories.
  • Easily set your budget amounts and balances.
  • Quickly see how you much you’ve spent in each category and what’s remaining.
  • Enter receipts on the web and your mobile.
  • Calculate how much you have to budget after cost of living expenses.
  • [advt]Track your savings per month.
  • Create custom savings goals and spend your monthly savings against them.
  • Simple charts and reports help to visualize your budget and spending.
  • Visual indicators let you quickly see how you’re doing at a glance.

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