SocialWok Business Social Networking – Share Files and Google Apps

SocialWok is an online application for business social networking. Socialwok was created to allow organizations to harness the ease and power of rich media and feeds to improve collaboration and communication.

With SocialWok, you can share information with everyone or selected groups of co-workers. Create feeds for departments and projects in the company. Increase transparency and sharing within your company.


  • [advt]Login with your Google Apps or Gmail account
  • Post status updates by attaching files, Google Docs, Google Calendar
  • Share and preview all your files and organization information from mobile and web
  • Access all features of Socialwok from Gmail using Gmail Gadget
  • Search across posts, feeds, people and Google Apps
  • Realtime notification by email or Google Talk IM messages
  • Share, collaborate and archive all your communications with external parties in one single location

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