Smugmug – Store, Share, Print and Sell Photographs Online

Smugmug is a creative internet application that basically aims to assist professional photographers and amateurs to store and share images and incorporates several photo sharing tools including a public API. Smugmug includes numerous categories in which one can easily search to find the best images according to your requirements and print their favorite photos and pictures from the site by paying affordable charges.

With Smugmug, photos can be printed in different sizes like that of compact camera sizes, etc. as per the needs of the users. It allows its users to maintain beautiful photo galleries with unlimited storage and ensures that no one needs not to delete your favorite photos to make space for new ones. With Smugmug, you can also invite your friends to see the great photo galleries on the site without getting registered on it.

The site helps users in automatically scaling the photos in different sizes to perfectly match the size of the browsers used by them. several features are provided for professional photographers, such as watermarking, privatizing galleries with password protection


  • SmugMug allows the upload of an unlimited number of photos for all account types.[advt]
  • Includes a published API which allows programmers to create new functionality.
  • XML-based RSS and Atom feeds.
  • An email upload interface to allow camera phones to upload images.
  • Keyword tagging for searching and categorization of photos.
  • Enables Google Maps integration for photos with GPS.
  • Viewers can ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ photos to select the most popular photos using PhotoRank.
  • Upload from Picasa, iPhoto and other software packages


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