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MadAppLauncher is a simple application launcher. Group applications, folders, scripts, etc. with ease. It supports drag and drop and manual editing. There is no need to remember all those hot keys; just activate the application launcher, press one number key to select a tab(group) and another key(letter/symbol) to launch the corresponding application.

Objectives of MadAppLauncher

  • Reduce desktop and task bar clutter by using tab groups
  • Reduce the number of mouse clicks/moves and key presses
  • Access applications, files, and folders fast so you can focus on what you need to do

Unique features not found in a common application dock or launcher

  • Ability to create, open, and save to files. One data file can have at most 300 assigned applications (30 applications for each of the 10 tabs).
  • Gives the user the ability to navigate and launch an application using the keyboard
  • Customization of the initial size and position of each application window

Download MadAppLauncher


  • Assign 30 programs for each of the 10 tab pages. A total of 300 per configuration
  • Press a key to find a program; 0-9 to activate tabs and the corresponding letter/symbol to launch a program
  • Organize better by assigning a configuration file to a button – effectively creating a cascading set of programs
  • Option to keep the application launcher window on top of all other windows
  • Option to auto-hide the application launcher window when an application, file, or folder is opened
  • Option to always center the application launcher on screen
  • Option to change the hotkey used to activate the application launcher
  • Drag and Drop applications, files, and folders
  • Check for updates on startup
  • Option to change an application’s initial window size and location
  • Save multiple sets of applications
  • Run programs as administrator
  • Duplicate applications assigned to buttons
  • Move buttons across tabs
  • Auto activate tabs on mouse over
  • Option to press a key twice before launching
  • Refresh icons for portable applications, files, and folders
  • Auto-save data files
  • Support for the visually impaired (English only)
  • Support for international keyboard layouts
  • Favorites bar
  • Mouse wheel support for tab navigation
  • Custom targets besides files and folders are supported
  • Use of left and right arrow keys to select tabs

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