Simmtronics Launches India’s First Solar-Powered Desktop PC – Price Rs. 29,999

solar-powered-pcSimmtronics Semiconductors is the first company across the globe to launch a desktop PC based on Solar Power.

The new range of PC, works not only with Solar Power, but also consumes low power, thereby reducing Carbon footprints in environment. Simmtronics works for mitigation of carbon footprints through the development of such projects, representing one way of reducing carbon footprints through this Solar Desktop PC.

Important Feature of this Desktop PC is that, it can work upto 4 days, without Sunlight. This PC is useful for Metros where power related shortages especially in summers is a frequent phenomenon but also will be of great advantage in B and C class cities more so in villages where power supply is erratic or nil.

Most of the Government projects of connecting villages like e-village, Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan, CSE etc. are facing operational as well as implementation problems due to non-availability of proper and continuous power supply, where these Solar PCs could be handy.

Our country is still lacking in providing infrastructure like connectivity and power to remote villages and the Solar Powered PC is a good breakthrough in overcoming these obstacles.

Simmtronics, as a company, is committed to excellence and innovation and is also planning to extend this technology and facility to laptops, tablets and netbooks thereby helping IT enabled services penetrate the remotest corners of India.

Simmtronics team has worked very hard in not only innovating the product, but also keeping the price affordable for end users. The company provides after sales support through its authorized service providers across the world. Company provides after sales support through its authorized service providers across the world.

Simmtronics Solar based Desktop PC range is available across world through the company’s authorized channel partners. Simmtronics Solar PC is available at a price of Rs 29,999/- approximately.


  • Operating System: Linux
  • Processor: C7 CPU, 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 01 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 160 GB
  • Keyboard: Standard
  • Mouse: Optical
  • Monitor: 15.6″ LRD


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