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Shelfster is an application for writers. It offers you free tools for noting ideas, record voice notes, capturing images and text snippets. All these items are sent to your online account where you can organize them into projects, and access them anytime form anywhere you have an internet connection. It allows you to write a paper, article or book and gives you quick access to everything you\’ve collected before. The documents you\’ve done editing can be exported in PDF, ZIP or to your Google Docs account.

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[advt]The key feature is that when you write, you have at your fingertips everything you’ve gathered for your writings. Aimed at authors, journalists, bloggers, teachers, students and just any person who’s got a writing assignment to tackle, Shelfster makes for the easy collection and categorization of ideas. This new platform lets you capture everything from text snippets and images to voice notes and full web pages, and have it all stored in the same place. Anything you collect using this platform is called an “item”, and “items” are combined to form “documents”. And both “items” and “documents” are stored into “projects”.¬†You can also type in your documents and edit things that you dragged from your project library to your documents. Documents can be saved in your online account, downloaded, and printed.

Once you’ve created a “document”, then you can have it printed, exported to HTML (IE, zipped) and turned into a PDF. So, Shelfster makes it very easy to share your files with any collaborator, and have them swapped back and forth until you’ve arrived at the final version of what you’re working on.

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