SharedSafe – File Sync and Sharing Tool

SharedSafe is a a free online file storage application where you can use your email accounts to share files and folders. It can also be used as a private file sharing application. SharedSafe connects you to safe with the help of IMAP protocol.

You need to install SharedSafe on your computer to start storing your files online. The information is safe in this because of the use of encryption technique. The information is encrypted into different format and files are stored online. When you have access to the safe key you can access the safe files in any folder that you like. You can also decrypt all the safe key created by shared safe.

Download SharedSafe


  • SharedSafe is a file sharing application
  • SharedSafe is seamlessly integrated with Windows
  • Background synchronization as you would expect
  • Sync and Share
  • SharedSafe you do have a option to export a safe in read only mode

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