Sending Sexy SMS (Sexting) in China Could End You Up In the Jail

In China’s Henan province, citizens who send three or more erotic / sexy text messages (sexting) will be detained for a maximum of 10 days in jail and pay a fine of 500 yuan (approx. INR 3500).

According to The Straits Times, the Chinese Communist Party’s Henan branch actually held 480 meetings in the past month in order to deal with the erotic SMS problem.

The Henan province’s legal office has announced the penalties to address the growing problem of unwanted and inappropriate text messages via mobile phones. Sending an erotic, insulting or threatening messages, which interrupt receivers’ normal lives will result in a maximum 5 day detention or a 500 yuan fine. In the case of three or more messages, the sender will be detained for a maximum of 10 days and 500 yuan fine.

Henan is not the first province to address injurious text messages. Liaoning province passed a regulation early this year saying that erotic text messages can be part of a sexual harassment charge. [from china daily, via textually]

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