Send and Receive Texts via Phone from Anywhere – Download TextToCloud App

texttocloud-logoTextToCloud is an android app which send and receive text messages via your phone from anywhere. It is secure & free, uses your own servers for ultimate privacy and speed, works with all web browsers (even mobile) and works using data connection and/or Wi-Fi.

Download TextToCloud For Android


  • Address book upload function
  • Send text messages from anywhere with Internet access
  • Uses your phone to send and receive
  • Uses your own servers for ultimate privacy and speed
  • Your texts are NOT stored on our servers
  • Works with all web browsers (even mobile)
  • Does NOT require a Google account
  • Works using data connection and/or Wi-Fi
  • Works even when you are not near your mobile phone


  • web hosting with MySQL
  • Android 2.1 or later
  • Best suited for an always-on mobile data connection plan

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