SecurPassword – Windows Domain Password Reset Using SMS

SecurPassword from SecurEnvoy is the latest solution for Microsoft Windows Password Management. It provides a self-help password reset with mobile phone-based two-factor authentication. It enables Microsoft Windows  domain  users  to  reset their own password using mobile phones to create two-factor authentication. The solution supports any GSM or CDMA mobile phones. No software is required on the mobile phones and the passcodes are received within fraction of seconds.

The product claims to provide more than 80% savings on Windows Password resets through its self-service password reset process. This increases business productivity.

SecurPassword  allows  users  to  reset  their Windows  domain password using  tokenless,  two-factor authentication. With SecurPassword, a six-digit, one-time  passcode  is  pre-loaded  onto  the  user’s mobile  phone  via  SMS.  Pre-loading counters any SMS delays or intermittent signal problems.


Password resetting allows authorized users to quickly and securely change their own passwords, which eliminates the need for users to make a call to the help desk or reveal verification details over the phone.

Users who  have  forgotten  their  password  simply  enter  their Windows  logon  ID  into  a  dedicated web-site, Enter their PIN or answer a configurable security question and then enter  the pre-loaded passcode  from  their phone.   Once successfully authenticated  the user can create a new password.

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