Secure and Fast HTTP File Server – kFS for Android

kFS is a simple, secure and fast HTTP file server especially[androidqrcode:] designed for android mobile devices. It makes it easy to remotely access, share, manage and manipulate files on the android device using a web browser. kFS requires minimal configuration, which makes it easy to use. A random port number is assigned on startup.

Download kFS – Android File Server


  • User Authentication for Secure Access.
  • Configurable port.
  • Access modes to allow readonly, upload or full access.
  • Download files and directories.
  • Resume file downloads.
  • Upload files.
  • GZip individual file downloads.
  • Preview Images/Pictures by moving mouse over them.
  • Create folders.
  • Sort file list.
  • Rename files/folders.
  • Delete selected files/folders.
  • Move & Copy selected files/folders.
  • Touch selected files/folders.
  • Zip selected files/folders.
  • View file permissions.
  • Themes for file manager page.

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