Download Lua Web App Server for Android

DADBIZ provides a simple, reliable and very good quality / price ratio. In a very short time (basically on the same day) your business will be Internet accessible to the world.[androidqrcode:  es.dadbiz.LuaWebAppServer] Using the services of one of the leading online and will not have to worry about the quality, effectiveness and operation of infrastructure on the Internet.

Download Lua Web App Server for Android

This DADBIZ app is targeted to developers that want to taste Android development with the lua language, this app uses mongoose as http server, lua as scripting language, sqlite3 as database, axtls for secure connections, mixlua for templates and several other modules and sources.


  • You can edit the content of your website from anywhere in the world.
  • Your own domain to access the website
  • As consequence of owning your own domain you will have full freedom to choose for your business emails without having to use cryptic names because someone has already chosen the name you want in a public mail service.
  • Technical assistance for any incident that may occur.

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