Rypple – Social Performance Platform for Teams to Share Goals

Rypple is a social performance platform built for teams to share goals, recognize great work, and help each other improve. With Rypple, performance management becomes painless and effective. Its social software makes it easy for every manager to do what great leaders do: provide continuous, actionable feedback, coaching, and recognition to their teams. Rypple captures everything in one place. It’s easy to get a real-time snapshot of employee performance after completing a goal, project, or quarter.

Rypple combines the best qualities of social software with a new approach to performance management-one that empowers managers and their teams to learn faster and perform better. It based Rypple on 50+ years of behavioral science, focusing on what really keeps people passionate about their work.

Key features for companies

  • [advt]Loops: A fresh take on team performance management.
  • Meaningful recognition: Empower employees to recognize each other’s works.
  • Employee reputations: Build a real-time portfolio of achievements and skills.
  • Continuous coaching: Help every manager be a great manager.
  • Social goals: Set clear goals everyone can rally around.
  • Interactive reporting: Monitor activity and progress against goals.
  • Real-time feedback: Learn and adapt faster.
  • User administration: Manage users, key goals, company badges and Loops cycles.

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